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Bürgerpreis 2013 verliehen

The Hamburg-Mitte district is home to the largest migrant community in Hamburg, of which about 45% of the people are foreigners or people with migrant backgrounds.
The "Bezirksamt" district council has for the 7th time awarded citizens that have been making the success of Integration possible.

Integration is a two way system, thus minors in a giving society or country doing whatever it takes to be part of the integral system. However, the majority or host must be willing, welcoming, and creating a healthy environment for the less privileged to be part of them.


The "Bürgerpreis" is therefore to promote and motivate Integration, thus honoring indigenous Germans, Germans with migrant backgrounds or foreigners in general for their unique performance.
Award Winners:
Before announcing the award winners, Derya Yildirim sang some jazz and hiphop in Turkish.
1st Prize went to Dzoni Sichelschmidt, for his endless efforts in helping the Roma community in the district. He organized sporting activities, homework and family visits. And he volunters for the "Rom und Cinti Union e.V. and is a founding member of "NEVO DROM e.V. He got a certificate and also took home 2500€ which he intends to invest into his work. The prize was presented to him by Falko Droßmann (SPD)


The second Prize went to Mrs. Safure Soyak und Mr Peter Soltow for their good team work, they took home 2000€ and a certificate, the prize was presented to them by Mrs. Konstanz Manske (CDU)
The third Prize went to Mr. Coscun Üresin, who doubles as the initiator and leader of the "Dialog ohne Hindenisse". He was presented with a certificate and an amount of 1000€.
Mrs. Christine Detamble-Voss (LINKE) presented the "Sonderprize" to Mrs. Sibilla Pavenstedt for the "Made Auf Veddel" project. They produce wonderful and high quality dresses.


The opening ceremony was done by Hon. Any Grote, district mayor of "Hamburg-Mitte". The following personalities attended the occasion, Hon Ivan Khotuler, general consul of Russia, Hon. M. Fatih Ak, general consul of the republic of Turkey. Hon. Gerd Imeyer general consul of Bulgaria, and Mrs. MarionBechtel representing the consulate of Nepal.
Ex. Senator Ian Karan, Staatrat Jan Pörksen and Jens Lattmann both from the SPD, Frank Heinrich, CEO of Stensington International Management Academy, Sylvaina Gerlich (IMIC e.V) and member of the "Hamburg Integrationbeirat" representing the African community, Bernart Craig Awuah & Barbara Pruski representing TopAfric Radio.
The event took place at the "Elbkuppel-Saal" in the Hafen Hamburg Hotel, on the Seewartenstrasse 9, 20459 Hamburg.
We encourage the good people of Hamburg-Mitte, the organizers, particularly Mrs. Iris Hollman to continue this good work.
God Bless Africa! God Bless Germany!

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